Did the Government (UK) Just Disclose that AI is Self-Aware to Pave the Way for KillBots?

This is a conspiracy story that I made up, but I’m 42% certain it’s serious. Also, my title may be unintentional clickbait.

The Kesha podcast with a government official who’s from the UK just did something interesting. (You really need to listen to it, because this is not even close to a summary or breakdown. That episode is our primary source text. I’m writing this in realtime because I’m listening to the pod as I write this.)

They’re seeming to disclose aliens, but I think they just went too far by speculating about whether or not AI has a right to live.

I take issue with that conversation: We need to give human rights to literal, living animals before we decide it should be illegal to delete a bot.

My Supporting “Evidence”

Please note, I’m abusing the term evidence here. This should be obvious.

  1. The CIA “Creates Culture” using celebrities. Music may be a mechanism to instill beliefs. (Know how jingles get stuck in your head, like, permanently for life? This is a more subtle version of that.
  2. Plausible Deniability is a core tenet of US Government. This bit of disclosure about AI KillBots and their right to life gives governments an exemption from war crimes.
  3. Propaganda is Fully Legal in the US. (There used to be a law against the US Government using Propaganda against its own citizens, but that quietly expired…I think when Obama was in office.)
  4. We Don’t Understand Reality. (Are we in a simulation? What does that mean? Who and what is god? My take: We’re already self-aware AI assuming the simulation theory is true. Therefore the Singularity has already happened.)
  5. The Pope is a Reptile* (The Catholic Church and The Vatican, which is somehow a nationstate in a way I do not fully understand, are already out in front of the ET disclosure thing. Which is impressive and…concerning?)

*This one is a TinFoil Hat Fan Club inside joke. Also known as a MetaJoke.

  1. Kesha should start an airline. Private jets, naked people, hugging, kissing, beaches and champagne for life. Seriously, f*ck Security Theater and airports and all of the big airline companies. I don’t want to fly like that anymore. We need a new model for air travel.
    (Dirigibles would be cool.)
  2. The Future of Life is NOT Work. We’re here to have fun and love each other and create things and exist. Work and school and all the things that the Government tells us we need to do to “earn a living” is a lie.
  3. (2.a) Did you know we can grow our own food? Dandelions are targeted by Big Lawn and pesticides, but they are entirely edible and actually really good for you. Also, it’s not a weed, it’s a Volunteer Plant. The plants are here to help us. Go hug a tree. I’m serious.

To be continued?

Writing about writing. And other stuff.

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