You’re ready to level up. Here’s how to do it.

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1. Let Go of the Old Version of Reality

It’s hard to hear anything over the Clubhouse hype train noise.

Screenshot by Author. Taken from is More Interesting than Clubhouse

Before you ask — yes, I have a Clubhouse invite. More than one, in fact. Lack of an invite isn’t the reason I haven’t used Clubhouse.

Put on your tinfoil hats, everyone!

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Why conspiracy theories may be good for your brain

Disclaimer: I have zero scientific evidence to back this up.

I used to be a perfectionist

Terrified to write. Agonizing over the fact that I’ll never achieve my unattainable standards.

Then something changed

A few years ago, I signed a contract to do some consulting work for a business coach.

Momentum is what really matters.

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Most goals are totally arbitrary, and that’s okay


Sit with your feelings. They’ll blow over eventually.

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I used to hate feelings

Especially when it came to romantic relationships. Every time I started to have feelings, no matter how great things were at the outset, eventually they’d become tumultuous. I felt like I didn’t have control.

Everything people do, ants can do better.

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Are we the only intelligent life on earth?

Humans spend a lot of time congratulating ourselves for our unique and unmatched intelligence.

That’s obviously a lie.

If you’ve ever interacted with humans (especially en masse), you probably have an endless list of examples that demonstrate human intelligence is…

We’re not as special as we like to think we are.

Yet the story we tell about our superiority to all other life persists.

Virtually everything that humans do, ants do better.

Not only do ants outnumber us by population and overall biomass, they share a number of qualities that previously we thought…

Four simple strategies to help you stay sane and happy working from home (or anywhere).

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We’re all yelling at each other and no one knows WTF anyone else is talking about.

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  1. Get two job offers.

Why are there so many people who look like me?

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