Wondering how to get clients to respond to your Upwork pitches? I don’t have the answer. But here are five proposals that generated new business.

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Some writers who give advice to new and aspiring freelancers caution you to avoid Upwork at all costs. They’ll say things like:

“It’s trash.”

“It’s a race to the bottom.”

These writers aren’t entirely wrong. There are a lot of things I actively hate about Upwork, for sure. But I’m also of the opinion that the site can be worthwhile. I’ve found some absolute gems on that site.

But it requires a lot of patience to sort through the crap, and you’ll send many proposals into the void only to be met with silence (or, if you’re “lucky” straight up rejection). …


Jessica Rohloff

There's no such thing as too good to be true. Superconnector :: Writer :: SEO Strategist

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